A St. Vincent Valentine

Introducing a new romance about a headstrong real estate agent and her eccentric, wealthy client... in an exotic, sunny destination!

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Successful realtor Madison Themans is nursing a broken heart when she receives the offer of a lifetime. A first-class trip to the gorgeous tropical island of St. Vincent to sell a spectacular mansion worth millions.

However, before being hooked up with her lucrative client, she will have to pass a test from the strangest source: the woman her ex left her for. 

Fighting against personal pride for the sake of her career, Madison is too driven and excited about the job prospect to care. 

But once in St. Vincent, she is puzzled by the enigmatic owner of the manor, who seems to be worshiped by his staff, and makes ridiculous demands of her. Before Madison can really make sense of the strange new world she's stepped into, she finds herself in over her head with a tortuous attraction to her mysterious client, who demands that their relationship be kept strictly professional. 

But his eyes tell a different story, and his hands, and his lips... 

And when his identity is revealed, Madison may be in for some earth-shattering surprises. 

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