Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Decadence Continues — Club Luxe 2: Now Available!


With her life stolen from her, Victoria is left with no choice. She must drop everything and dedicate herself to helping the infuriating and irresistible Malcolm Cage. But the task is a dangerous hunt for information that she promised herself she would avoid at all costs.  It doesn’t help that Malcolm is utterly distracting with a voice as smooth as silk and eyes that make her body tremble.

Malcolm used to think that Victoria was just another slimy reporter, but she is quickly invading his heart with her stubbornness and bravery. He was once willing to do anything it took to protect his family, not caring who got hurt in the process—but he finds himself feeling guilty for manipulating Victoria. Even though he was the one who put her life at risk, he is now the only one who can save her...

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  1. Olivia noble is my all time favorite author. I thoroughly enjoy all her work and never miss to get any of her book. This new book looks like a great read as well.